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Feeling Post-Holiday Stress? Your Fridge Might Be Feeling It, Too!

The holidays may be over, but chances are your refrigerator is still packed with leftovers from hosting all those parties and extended family dinners. While all those leftovers can make it easy to grab a tasty snack, keeping them cool may be placing a strain on your fridge’s cooling system.

Are you packing your fridge correctly? 

Refrigerators work by cooling foods quickly and then keeping them cooled to a safe level. To do this effectively, refrigerators must be able to circulate air throughout the interior chambers so that each container of food is exposed to the cool air.

When foods are packed in too tightly, the refrigerator may be unable to properly cool the foods or circulate the cooled air throughout the interior. This can force the system to work harder to achieve the right temperature or to remove any excess humidity that occurs when warm foods are placed into the refrigerator.

To keep from placing too much stress on your refrigerator when storing a large quantity of food, remember to leave space between containers of food to ensure proper circulation. In addition, always quick chill large quantities of hot foods before putting them into the refrigerator.

A good way to do this is to put the food into a tightly sealed, covered storage container of your choice and then place the container in your sink. Plug the sink and run cold water a few inches deep in the sink, making sure to keep the water level below the level of the lid. Let the container remain in the cold water for 20-30 minutes to reduce the food’s temperature before placing it inside the fridge.

Monitor temperatures closely

In addition to taking care not to overload your refrigerator, it can be a good idea to add a thermometer to the interior so that you can easily monitor the temperature. This will help you ensure that your foods will remain refrigerated at a safe temperature to avoid spoilage, as well as help you spot any issues that may be developing with your refrigerator’s cooling system.

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