Dryer Appliance Repair: How Do I Fix It?

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A surprise meeting, a work call in or an unreliable alarm clock has you on the run! While you burn the toast and search for a to-go cup for your coffee, you toss your work pants in the dryer only to discover it won’t start. Determined, you slam the door, over and over again, just to be sure, poke the start button repeatedly and even toy with the buzzer. Nope. There’s now way around it, you need dryer appliance repair. However, wearing wet pants to work isn’t very appealing. Do you know what to do?

What should you do when the dryer won’t start?

This is a question my husband and I get asked a lot. We own a remodeling company but we also help set up and service appliances, when needed. Here’s what I suggest:

If you’re dryer is non-responsive, it may be a bad door switch or a damaged plunger. A dead door switch is probably the most common, these widgets wear out over time but slamming the door over and over can make it croak quicker. Examine the plunger, it’s located on the inside rim of the door. It could be broken or missing. If it looks to be in good working order, then move on to the next step.

You need to remove the top cabinet panel to examine the door switch. Of course, always unplug your machine before disassembling the panel. You should test the switch. If the switch looks good, you can test it. If you have a gas dryer that has the lint filter located in the door, you will probably find the thermal fuse by opening up the panel bottom. For machines with filters that slide out of the top of the dryer, you must remove the entire front panel. Electric dryers usually have the service panel on the back. If you fail to get a continuity reading from your thermal fuse, you shouldn’t just replace it. It could be a sign that other components need some attention.

Feeling overwhelmed? There’s no shame in contacting a local appliance repair service for more information and help with repairing your dryer. We are a dependable appliance repair alexandria la service.

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