Use Your Washer & Dryer Effectively!

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Improve the Efficiency of your Washer and Dryer

Going green is a great way to help save the Earth. However, did you know that it can also save you money? Here are some tips to help you improve the efficiency of your washer and dryer, two of the largest users of electricity and water in your house.

Washing Clothes

Wash only full loads of clothing–Washing machines are designed to work best when they are loaded completely. However, don’t make the opposite mistake and overload the washer either. Read your machine’s owner’s manual to make sure that you are properly loading the machine.

Wash in cold water–With today’s higher efficiency washing detergents, there’s really no need for hot water washes for lightly soiled clothing. Studies have shown that clothes washed in cold water get just as clean as those washed in hot water. The only reason to wash in hot is if you are washing oily or greasy items. Washing in cold water for most of your laundry will save you big bucks since hot water costs significantly more than washing in cold.

Experiment with the detergent amount–Don’t always go by the line in the detergent cup. You may be able to get by with less laundry detergent than recommended. Especially if you have hard water, you may simply be rinsing excess laundry detergent down the drain.

Give it an extra spin–If you give your laundry an extra spin cycle, you will get rid of a little extra water, which means less time in the dryer.

Drying Clothes

Hang up heavy items–Heavy clothes like jeans can take forever to dry. Hang these items overnight to dry. If the stiffness bothers you, toss them in the dryer on a short cycle to soften them.

Clean out the lint--Your dryer works most efficiently when clean. Clean the lint screen before every use, and each month, vacuum out the vent that leads outdoors.

Don’t overload–Dryers work best when there’s plenty of space for the clothes to tumble. Overcrowded loads take longer to dry because of this.

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