Tips to maintain your fridge after repair

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Avoid Future Problems after Getting Refrigerator Repair

After getting refrigerator repair in Alexandria LA, you do not want to call them for another repair in the near future. Preventing this from happening is not that hard, but there are important steps that must be followed.

Make Sure Door Seals are Functioning Properly

If a refrigerator is not sealed properly, the cool air that it is working to create will seep out, making it work even harder to maintain a cool temperature inside. In most cases, this will be caused by food residue, so keeping an eye out for this is worthwhile. While a thorough cleaning should only be needed every once in a while, you should make sure to clean up any noticeable residue right away. Make sure your fridge is sealed properly to keep the cool air in.

Keep It Filled to an Extent

While you may find it hard to keep your refrigerator full based on your shopping and eating habits, this does not mean you should leave it empty. Ideally, the more contents in your refrigerator, the easier it is on the refrigerator to maintain a cool temperature as thermal mass helps with the cooling process.

Keep the Coils Clean

It is not every day that you actually see the coils of your refrigerator. However, this does not take away the importance of them being clean and free of dust particles. Moving the refrigerator and cleaning the coils twice a year should be frequent enough, but homes that get extremely dusty may require more frequent cleanings. These coils can be located in the front-bottom area, or on the back of a refrigerator. At Appliance Repair Alexandria LA, we value our customer’s experience and make sure we provide top notch appliance repair service, call us today at 703-662-5044 for free quote!

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